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Immersed in an aura of enchantment, where sunbeams dance on the ocean whispers, Majra stands as a gateway to serenity, unlocking the depths of inner tranquility. Nestled within a city vibrant with life’s escapades, this exquisite locale is a canvas painted by nature’s most mystic brushstrokes. Majra elevates the essence, offering a sanctuary above the mesmerizing hues of crystal waters. Discover the art of living where peace is not just found, but timelessly experienced. Majra’s masterfully designed layout ensures that every unit opens up to the mesmerizing hues of the turquoise sea, offering residents an uninterrupted vista that melds seamlessly with the horizon. Positioned in a locale celebrated for its splendid climate and picturesque setting, Majra invites you to a lifestyle redefined by the rhythm of the waves and the calm of the sea breeze, promising an everyday experience that feels like a perpetual getaway. This exceptional blend of nature’s artistry and thoughtful design crafts not just homes but sanctuaries of elegance and beauty.
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Since our establishment in 2007 amidst the vibrant allure of Hurghada, nestled along the Red Sea, PRIME Development has consistently epitomized the pinnacle of opulent living in Egypt.

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